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Medium Fir Bark

f you are looking for that "rustic", natural woodland appearance, look no further
! Our medium fir bark helps the soil retain moisture and acts as a weed barrier. It also clings well to sloped areas to prevent soil runoff.

The size is approximately 1.5" to 2" minus, and is orange-brown in color.

Recommended Uses
Medium Fir Bark works well in all yard areas, especially in mature landscape settings. Great for pathways in parks and running trails.

Apply at a depth of 3"-4" for newly landscaped areas and 1"-2" to color up existing beds.

"When spreading any of the Douglas Fir Barks, it's smart to wear gloves to prevent the tiny slivers getting into your hands. We can send a pair of Atlas gloves out with your load of mulch."

natural rock tips

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Douglas Fir Bark is a hard fiber bark, making it less porus so it tends to last longer before breaking down into the soil.

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