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Bulk Rock & Gravel

ulk rock refers to processed rock products
. Rock, Sand, Gravel. From crushed river rock or crushed quarry rock for driveways and pathways, to decorative pebbles for ponds and stream beds to Red Cinder Rock for those of us who have given up on mowing the lawn.

Rock driveways usually call for a crushed product with fines (referred to as MINUS, as in 3/4 inch minus) as it packs down better than a product that has no fines in it.

Round rock is the ideal rock for a french drain or where drainage is the main application.

"We deliver rock the same day you call Monday through Saturday. We just received a supply of exotic Mexican Pebbles, in Red and Black. They make a great accent to plants. Come by and see us!"

What ever your needs, we have a great selection and can deliver it the same day you call. Monday through Saturday. Or pick it up yourself on any day at either location. Come by and see us!

When asking for a delivery of crushed rock to match existing rock, it is a good idea to bring a sample of the rock into our office or Email a picture to ensure you have the correct match.

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