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t this time of year it's all about leaves
We can help. Recycle your leaves with us in Eugene and Springfield.

Learn more online about about leaf pick-up schedules in Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County.

Here's what we recycle:

Yard Debris. The average pick-up truck holds up to 2 or 3 cubic yards. What happens to the debris? It is converted into compost which can be introduced into your soil to create a better draining, more nutrient-rich soil.

Wood Debris. We grind wood debris for use in products such as paper, MDF, particleboard, or as a Bio-Fuel supply at a physical plant. We accept wood with nails (BUT NO BOLTS. HINGES, TREATED WOOD, OR LEAD-BASED PAINTED WOOD). Our rule of thumb is no metal larger than your little finger.

Please Note: Lane Regional Air Protection Agency has public eduction information on their Backyard Burning Program. To learn more about burning regulations in Lane County, please visit their website:

Rock, Concrete, Sod, Asphalt & Dirt. These materials are used as a fill to raise low-lying areas, and as a back-fill for quarry excavation.

Metal And Cardboard. We have recycling containers at both our locations for your convenience.

What People Are 

Your service is just over the top. I have been in customer service all my life and every time I come in the yard, I am just blown away by the outstanding service. I didnít expect that! I am greeted warmly and the young guys rush over to help me unload Ė it is that way in both places.

Mike R.

We've sorted through millions of cards and letters (okay, not millions) and have posted a small fraction of them here.

But, hey, enough about us; what do you think about us?

Want more information? Send us an email; or call us at 541-345-9085, toll-free 1-888-345-9085.


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